Warcry: The Stormcast Eternals

SPIRE RUNNERS There are few regions in the mortal realms more dangrous than the Allpoints and the surrounding wastelands, the ever present threat of the roving tribes of chaos and savagery of beasts is only punctuated by the pulsing heat of the unforgiving sun and sandstorms that would flay skin from flesh. To be sent … Continue reading Warcry: The Stormcast Eternals

The Noble Houses of the Ironweld

These days every Battletome (near enough) takes the opportunity to explore the faction in a richer way through the introduction of subfactions, be these in the form of Stormhosts, Hosts, Courts or however they might appear. Each subfaction has a strong cultural identity meant to exemplify one version of that factions culture on the battlefield … Continue reading The Noble Houses of the Ironweld

Endless Spells of the Sylvaanesh

Today I've started on the first model for my new Sylvaneth/Slaanesh army with the characterful Mesmerising Mirror endless spell. Channeling the daemonic corruption of the life of the forest this arcane spell bleeds out narcotic influences flooding the area with all kinds of decadent creatures. The very presence of the Sylvaanesh populace corrupt and degrade … Continue reading Endless Spells of the Sylvaanesh