This year I’ve managed to get tickets and arrange time off work for the Throne of Skulls doubles event in June, my team mate is running a FeC list (as of yet undecided) but I scoured ways of making a competitive list that didnt make me feel ill inclined to paint it. As a largely narrative players (love my suneaters and ironweld) I struggle with competitve lists as they tend to include repeats of the same models with little need for variation, this in itself pretty much sums up the opposite of the way I approach lists normally.

So making a competitive (ish), but narrative lists I ran through literally dozens of concepts, some over competitive but soulless, others too narrative to pull off in meaningful styles before settling onto a small, conversion heavy, visually impactful list (hoping for sportsmanship and army points over wins)

So at the core of my list are two Khornate Mammoths, each tailored to a darkoath tribe of some sort to show the personal heraldry of the tribes on the battlefield. As the mammoth is near impossible to find at reasonable price my other half instead bought me the Gargantuan Squiggoth as the base model and I have started the conversion.

The Molochan Iron Bulls Mammoth!