Over the past years we’ve all faced challenges to our hobby motivation as the pandemic has impacted lives across the world, which has impacted our ability to connect with other hobbyists and share our enthusiasm for a joint distraction from the world. With the coming of 2021 and the concept of New Year New Army a group of hobbyists have come together to provide motivation, feedback and goals to help drive forward new and creative hobby to engage in that when normality resumes we’ll have fantastic armies to use on the battlefield.

MARCH 2021

Month two saw some dip in hobby time for many of us, I in particular was hit hard be the drought of Wraithbone contrast primer availability which prevented my (almost entirely contrast) paint scheme taking shape for much of my army. However steeling myself to make meaningful progress I took to painting those models around my army that didnt require contrast to paint, namely my Eidolon (of Muuuuuuuurder) and some allied Coral Sylvaneth.

Around this I also made sure I had assembled the rest of my 2000 point Idoneth army, seizing upon the time left by the painting void to make progress where I could and relax where no progress could be made. In all I had failed to meet my original aim of 2 units of Sea Horses painted, but did manage 1 Eidolon and 5 Coral Sylvaneth painted along with 2k Idoneth event force assembled which Ill take as a success.

Paul, The Unshackled Coven

Despite a very busy month I managed to get the hobby finished:

The Vampire Queen Kalisra is weaving her death magics to bind the directionless Swamphaunt of Esmoor to her will.  The rising Dynasty is preparing for something great on the horizon

Maps – Gladewyrm and Battleworn Stormcast

Getting in some serious work on some battle beaten Stormcast Maps has explored the concept of more grit and grim than the traditional gold and blue, grounding the Stormcast in a battleworn army amidsts the filth soaked fields of war rather than perching in the golden city of Azyr.

He’s also pulled together a fantastic looking Gladewyrm to join his forces!

Tomb King Tristan – Death Gargants

Tristan made some truly remarkably progress with highly enviable models, putting the flourishes onto some undead Gargants formed from the much prized Tomb King kits and some kitbashing skills to bring them into AoSesque glamour. The end result is really something special and the progress is amazing to keep track of!

Si, Tzeentchian Daemons

Working through the Burning Chariots of Tzeench Si is really bringing to vibrance and variety of colour so indicative of a Tzeentch force to the table, making serious progress on his chariot with its screamers pulling it forwards!